Whole Body Cryotherapy


Effects and mechanism of action
The mechanism of action is a stimulation to the peripheral nervous system of the skin, which causes a decrease in pain on the superficial and deep structures of the apparatus loco- motor: improves blood circulation and muscle tone is lowered ( decontraction ).

After a few hours the entire immune system and inflammation are affected: causes no stress! ACTH increases, while cortisol rises , no changes of blood sugar , no modification of anterior pituitary hormones such as prolactin and STH: L’ADRENALINE does not change, no salt, occurs while an increase in norepinephrine, this means a activation of nerve synapses with the receptors of the skin (Meissner corpuscles, Merkel and proprioceptors).

This activation increases the stimulus – responsive: Observed a slight increase in blood pressure (the pc. Must always obey the ongoing care) and a significant increase of O2 in the blood, both in patients sick, which in healthy patients: this is due to a to a deeper breathing and increased concentration of molecules of O2 per liter of air inhaled.

This increase of O2 in the blood causes an improvement of the cardiac circulation , even in patients with syndromes stenocardiche; anginal patients tolerate well the CRIO with decreased extrasystoles and this is explained by the increase of O2 in the blood and a better oxygenation of the heart.

Effects on the blood and immune system
In Spondylitis is a decrease of T lymphocytes AUXILIARY and increased T cell suppressor, a regression of cytokines and interleukin-E and TNF alpha and is an increase of antioxidant protection.

Duration of treatment up to 3 minutes, 10 sessions, 2 – 3 times a week, up to max of 2 per week.


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