The site was created with the intent to disseminate scientific knowledge in two specialized branches of great importance:

– Hand Surgery
– Orthopedics & Traumatology

In addition, the site presents all the new diagnosis and treatment that are practiced at OMNIAMEDICA:
– All pain syndromes of the hand , osteoarthritis , neuropathy etc.
– Mechanical treatment of lumbar disc herniation and cervical traction through intermittent column
– Germanic chair for spine massage: Osteopathy
– Immediate treatment of syndromes shoulder – elbow – hand
– Tennis elbow – wrist and shoulder golfer
– Syndrome rotator cuff and cuff tear
– Treatment of metatarsalgia Morton
– Treatment of syndromes of the calcaneus: spur , bursitis
– Bunion treatment : minimally invasive

The Whole Body Cryotherapy is the biggest news in the field of rehabilitation and re-education , as well as in the treatment of diseases such as osteoarthritis , arthritis.

Now used by many athletes to accelerate muscle recovery and for the treatment of overuse syndromes , represents the new frontier of therapy within muscolo-schelettrico.
Prof. Vespasiani , founder of Omniamedica , has released an interview on Sanissimi, to download click here.


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